Malaysian Worship Collective


 In past years, God has given Malaysia songs of praise and worship – songs in our various heart languages; songs anointed by the Holy Spirit. But to date, very few of these have risen beyond the silos of their immediate circle of believers. 

In mid-2018, an urgency began to burn in our hearts to bring together worship leaders, songwriters, musicians and intercessors from different denominational backgrounds to resound a Malaysian voice of worship in the heavenly realms.

Our Mission

 1. Introduce Malaysian worship songs

As worship ministers who are also active practitioners in the music industry, our quest is to highlight, share and release well-produced recordings of Malaysian worship songs so that these can be embraced and widely sung by the Malaysian church. (Psalm 40:3)

2. Equip worship ministries

As fellow-believers created in the image of the Master Creator, our passion is to come alongside the next generation of worship ministers, impart knowledge that will enable them to honour God in all they do, and equip them with skills to break new grounds in the Lord. (Psalm 33:3)

 3. Raise a Malaysian voice of worship

As His children from different denominational backgrounds, we resource conferences and churches with uniquely-Malaysian worship teams – be it online or in-person. We also go on tours to share our vision and resound a Malaysian voice of worship throughout the land. (Isaiah 42:10-12)

Latest Releases

Collaboration Opportunities

Collaboration Opportunities