The Sun Will Shine Again

The Story Behind The Video

"Just a couple of weeks into Malaysia's first Movement Control Order (MCO), I was asked if I could record a special presentation for Easter. As I considered this request, a thought crossed my mind... 

What if I ask a whole bunch of friends to join me from their own homes?

How about doing something that we can share with all our friends during these unprecedented times of anxiety and uncertainty?

So I started texting them, and one by one, they all said, "Yes!"

But then, reality struck home. I'd never produced a track featuring so many vocalists before!

This leap of faith turned out to be a fulfilling experiment, and the beginning of many more virtual collaborations for the Four Forty Family even as we navigated through the storms of a global pandemic. We hope it will continue to light up the eyes of each and every one of its viewers with the assurance that The Sun Will Shine Again!"

Juwita Suwito, producer

Fun Facts

  • The Sun Will Shine Again was written by Andy Yeoh, and was originally performed by Altered Frequency.
  • It was first released in the Oops! Asia compilation EP After The Rain, the proceeds of which went towards the rebuilding of communities that were ravaged by the Asian Tsunami on 26 December 2004.
  • It was then included as a bonus track in the 2006 remastered edition of Altered Frequency's debut album Exalt.
  • Four Forty Records' 2020 cover of the song featured 10 Malaysian artists based in Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, who sent in home recordings during the MCO/circuit-breaker/lockdown due to Covid-19.